Charlie WAS HERE in 1984

Thirty years ago Charlie sat on this couch. THIRTY YEARS! Do you remember where you were or which couches you sat on?

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And yes, this is a first. We finally see Charlie's personal photographer!


He came into town with CHANGE IN HIS POCKET

Charlie was in Vegas in March, 1984. He is proudly standing, according to what's written on the back, at the Frontier Motel. Was Charlie a gambler? Doesn't seem the type. Of course we'll never know because as usual Charlie is once again simply standing his ground.

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ON THE ROAD with Charlie

I feel really bad about leaving Charlie standing out on this dirt road for so long. Hopefully he made some friends in the small town of Purdon, Texas where this shot was taken. With a population of only around 133 I'm guessing he knows everyone by name now.

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Sorry about this Charlie. We're back on the road again.



Is Charlie coming or going? Did he say, "Quick, take the picture" and then get up to leave? Or did he then settle back into the chair having been caught by his photographer wife before he had a chance to get comfortable. Charlie always looks comfortable whether standing or sitting. And this is not the first time he's been in this chair.

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SAN MARCOS in 1984

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Do you know where you were in November 1984? I'm sorry to say I barely remember where I was three days ago. Fortunately Charlie's beloved wrote on the back of this shot that he was standing at San Marcos. Doing a little research I believe Charlie was about to go on a glass bottom boat ride along the San Marcos River. Sadly, there are no photos of Charlie sitting on the boat...or standing on the boat.


Fryin' up somethin' special for the NEW YEAR

Was Charlie a good cook? Did he make a mean fried egg? Or was it a sweet tender fried egg? It's not often we actually see Charlie doing something other than standing or sitting.

And why was orange decor so popular back then?

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Charlie's CHRISTMAS 1983

It's been 30 years since this photo was taken. I hope Charlie had many more Christmas's to come.

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Charlie with FESTIVUS POLE!

Oh can it be true? Is Charlie slogging through the snow in search of the perfect Festivus pole? You're almost there Charlie. Just a few more steps and you'll have found your pole. Let the airing of the grievances begin!

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Happy Festivus Charlie! Happy Festivus to all!