The travels with Charlie have finally gone international. Charlie visited Canada. I can't remember which year, but there are some photos I believe with dates on the back. This is not one of them. So we'll just have to wait and see how things develop over the year. For now, I can say he was in Canada, most likely Alberta. I have a hunch this one was taken at the hotel at Lake Louise.

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I can hear him saying, "Honey, please...it's cold out here. Hurry up and take the picture. Please...everything is starting to freeze." I'm assuming Honey is the blurred part of the photo. One of the only times we will be aware of her.

Charlie has left the country!



Has Charlie just been out to the mailbox to collect the mail? Was he bringing mail to a neighbor in a snow storm? Why did someone take his photo with a flash in the snow? All questions without answers and you know...I'm okay with that. The only thing I know for sure is that it was 1987.

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And I'm also thinking someone stole one of the roofs from a Shell station and put it up as a carport at their home. I could be wrong.



Charlie has been sitting patiently for days waiting for me to post his latest installment. Since this was taken before external hard drives were part of the vocabulary I felt it was pointless to tell him I'd been dealing with a hard drive tragedy since last week. He wouldn't have understood, but I'm sure he'd have smiled.


Peg and John's GUEST BATHROOM with Charlie

A McMansion with no money left in the cushions of the couch. Every penny was spent, even for the guest bathroom. Charlie seems impressed.

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You will never see Charlie in a pose like this again.


Charlie VISITING Peg and John's house in 1985

Charlie making himself comfortable at Peg and John's house; color coordinated for the visit.

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Who doesn't like having bacon and eggs with a biscuit while an owl towel holder looks over your shoulder? Can a morning be more perfect?

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The DUMPSTER really pulls it together

Charlie's hit the road again. No idea where he might be. No idea why he might be there. Really, no logical ideas about this at all.

Was it the possibility of capturing a distant line of perspective off in the horizon that made the photographer think all these parallel lines led somewhere? Was it the flat top hill in the background? Or was it simply that Charlie looked nice framed by a bush and a dumpster?

"Charlie, move a little more to your right. No, your right. Keep moving. A little more. Wait! Stop! That's perfect. Now I can see the dumpster."

Charlie is alone. So very alone. Standing on a lonely wet road next to a dumpster, but not too close to the dumpster. The dark clouds look ominous. Stay away from the dumpster Charlie. Stay away!

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