Charlie and MOQUI

You probably wouldn't be able to guess where Charlie is, but he's at the Grand Canyon. Charlie is at the Moqui Lodge. The lodge was demolished in 2005. This photo was taken in May, 1986. I'm sure Charlie had nothing to do with its demise.
Moqui Camp/Moqui Lodge • Grand Canyon 

Location: West side of Highway 64, Near South Rim Entrance

Theme: originally a Cabin camp, later A-frame & Motel Modern
Constructed: Moqui Camp by Rudolph Kirby, 1920s

Constructed: Moqui Lodge by Don Potter and Arlen Wisseman, 1960s

Known Timeline: 20 single room cabins, 1930

135 rooms, 1966
Purchased by Fred Harvey Co., 1970s
135 rooms, 1997
Closed: December 2001
Demolished: 2005

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We do not know the fate of Charlie.



Charlie taking a stand and holding the bridge.

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CHECK Charlie

Charlie's standing so this might mean he's on the move again. He could be...checking out.

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I'm betting nobody believed I actually have a box of photos of a man standing or sitting.