This was taken at 309 Woodlawn Ave. Where is Woodlawn? Most likely, considering this is Charlie, it's Texas. Just another spot where Charlie once stood and had his photo taken.

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The APRIL 1987

No idea where this might have been taken, but it was April 1987. It's interesting that most often what is written on the back of the photos is simply a date; not a specific date, just a month and year. I'm guessing it was believed that just by looking at the photo Charlie and his wife would remember where it was taken.

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I think Charlie would have made a good catalogue model. I can see him in a Sears or Montgomery Wards. He was perhaps not sophisticated enough for Spiegel.


Charlie and 333

This is the door to the room that Charlie stayed in at the Moqui Lodge at the Grand Canyon in May of 1986. No photos from within the room, just the "333" sign.

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To see Charlie standing out front of the lodge click on the "Moqui" link below.


Charlie docked on LAKE O' PINES

More of Charlie and water. He's got the dock, the gas pump, and the lake. All he needs is a boat to go out onto Lake O' Pines in Marion County, Texas in 1982.

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I don't think Charlie would do well in a dingy or rowboat. He looks more like a fella who should be wearing a captain's cap and sitting on the deck of a cabin cruiser.