Sweater vests made an unsuccessful comeback in 2012. Fortunately for Charlie this pink sweater vest was au courant in the 1980s. Well, actually I have no idea. I haven't really seen sweater vests since the '70s. But hey, this was Charlie in a pink sweater vest somewhere.

No idea where Charlie was, but I'm thinking wherever it was the transit authority for the state really wasn't positive where the edge of the road was going to be in a few months. Though cement barriers are heavy, ones like these are also not permanent, so perhaps if we did know where this road was it would be much closer to the hillside to the right by now. I'm thinking they were expecting some road erosion. Perhaps that's what made this stop so important to Charlie. "Take a picture of me here! Next year it will be over there!"

Click on Charlie to see him larger.


  1. I think Charlie is kind of adorable, in the way you think of a dear uncle that's taking a journey across the United States before it's too late to do it by foot! This location reminds me of driving around Emerald Bay is outside of Tahoe Nevada. But you're right it could be somewhere in Oregon! But it doesn't really matter. It's a great day to be alive for Charlie and we get to share in his adventure! It would be cool if someone who knows Charlie sees your post!

  2. Ok, I'm hooked. Charlie looks like he needs a dog though.

    1. Alas there is I believe only one shot of Charlie with another species. There are only a few of Charlie with other people. It's pretty much just Charlie. And they won't be in any order. They'll be as I take them off the pile and I might reshuffle the pile a few times. It's pretty much a crap shoot.